When the thought of an internship comes to mind, most people become elated with the chance of gaining real life experience, and some people simply think of making endless copies and doing the “grunt” work. I am here to tell you, for me personally, interning at Dittoe PR has exceeded my expectations beyond any limit of my imagination. I mean, heck, they let me write blog posts for them. What more could an intern ask for?!

Of course, I do a lot of grunt work, but I am happy to do it. Dittoe PR is a well oiled machine, and my internship has allowed me to become part of that machine. Each employee depends on me to do high-quality work, and they give me quite a bit of responsibility, in which I feel privileged to engage myself. So, when the grunt work comes up, I do it with a smile, because the fact of the matter is that it needs to be done in the best interest of our clients. Period. I understand it is my duty as an intern, and it’s a small price to pay for the valuable public relations experience.

Dittoe PR is one of the top public relations agencies in Indianapolis, and with that comes amazing clients that make each day unique and fun. I never imagined I would get the opportunity to actually write pitches for reporters and secure and document media coverage for our clients. With this experience, I have learned a great deal – far more than can be gained by sitting in a classroom. If there’s one thing I have learned, it is that media relations is fast-paced, rigorous and stimulating. It takes heaps of thought and strategy – more than originally envisioned. Dittoe PR has not only shown me the world of public relations, but they have thrown me head first into the mix and let me experience it for myself.

I have four weeks left, and I already know that I will be taking with me a more advanced skill set. The work I have done has honed my writing skills, improved my time management, taught me how to multi-task efficiently and polished my research proficiency. This experience and my newly developed skill set have given me the confidence to succeed at the new challenges that await me after graduation in May.

Who knows what is in the deck for me and my career, but I do know I will have long lasting relationships with my fellow Dittoe PR colleagues. Thank you guys, for everything.