Halloween is fast approaching and that means many of us must decide on a costume to wear. The best get-ups are both creative and original—the ubiquitous pirate and zombie costumes just won’t cut it year after year.  If you feel like dressing up in an imaginative costume this year, here’s one unique costume idea:  A PR Professional!

Unfortunately, you can’t go to the nearest Halloween store in Indianapolis and find a PR pro costume. However, if there was one it might incorporate these elements from more mainstream costumes.

Gladiator shield and sword: PR pros fight for our clients to get the best media coverage. There’s a saying that the pen is mightier than the sword, in which case PR pros already have the superior costume accessory.

Superman/Superwoman cape: PR pros have to be super at what they do. It takes a brave person to wear a cape, and some PR pros can certainly pull it off.

Harry Potter wizard wand: Like wizards we know how to pull things out of thin air. Give us a weak story angle and we’ll beef it up with data.

Mark Zuckerberg mask: This mask will reflect the importance of social media in public relations. You can print your own mask here: https://gawker.com/5650103/facebook-fright-our-mark-zuckerberg-halloween-mask

Nerd glasses and pocket protector: Let’s face it. We’re nerds! All successful PR pros share traits commonly associated with being a geek: 1.) we’re great at conducting research; and 2.) we love analyzing information.

Jersey Shore hair styles: The “hot” costume trend this year is to dress like one of the cast members of MTV’s “Jersey Shore.” As PR pros, we have to stay current on the latest news and trends– that’s simply “Situation” (pun intended). We keep it “fresh to death!”

Rock Star persona: Like rock stars, PR pros often work late nights, are able to engage a large audience and like to trash hotel rooms. Err – just kidding about the last one.

Additional accessories might include a large mug filled with coffee in one hand and a Blackberry or iPhone in the other. No matter how you look it, the PR pro costume is definitely creative and accurate. Happy Halloween!