What an exciting time to be a young, hip, Indianapolis  company. With the Final Four buzz spreading like wild fire throughout the city, it’s difficult not to feel the anticipation here in the office. With Butler University making the Final Four, several of us PR pros over here at Dittoe are getting quite excited. Simply put, Dittoe PR loves Butler University. Several amazing interns have come from Butler, as well as a few full-time account execs!

Eric Kokonas (Koko, as we like to call him) and Robbie Williams are our current and future Butler alumni, working here at Dittoe. They can barley hold in their eager anticipation for Saturday’s big match up against the Spartans of Michigan State.

Here at the office we all participated in a March Madness pool. As everyone looks at their brackets and cringes at the pain of losing their pride (especially our intern Robbie, who is bringing up the rear in last place), their spirits are picked back up at the thought of our local hometown heroes, over at Butler, getting ready to make history. We’re all in the midst of making our final plans for the big game Saturday night, and it goes without saying, Dittoe PR will be out and about representing Butler University and cheering them on to victory.