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Dittoe PR Spearheads Most Successful Grand Opening in Market District History

The Challenge

There’s an aggressive food fight in Central Indiana as new and existing grocery stores compete for bigger shares of local consumers’ food dollars. In 2015, there were few days when a story about the local “grocery store wars” wasn’t reported in the media.

In order to stand out in an already crowded market, Pittsburgh-based Giant Eagle Inc.—one of the nation’s largest food retailers and distributors—needed Dittoe PR to make a splash with the opening of its first Market District store in Indiana. We were tasked with creating a targeted and all-encompassing media strategy to raise awareness of the store and influence potential customers to alter their shopping behaviors, making Market District their culinary destination of choice.

Our Solution
Media coverage leading up to grand opening

Dittoe PR’s research revealed that one-off media placements during the week of the event would not have the staying power required to alter consumer behavior. Instead, to make Market District’s launch successful, we would need to garner consistent media placements in the months leading up to the opening. Faced with the challenge of keeping Market District interesting and relevant for an extended period of time, we worked diligently to generate fresh, new story angles for the media to cover.

This tenacious exercise in creativity paid off. In the 10 months leading up to the opening, we secured 86 stories in the local Indianapolis media market. Our work with the chain has continued successfully after its opening in the form of reviews for both the store and its attached restaurant, Table by Market District. Dittoe PR continues to generate consistent, ongoing, positive media coverage for Market District.


  • 86 Total Stories
  • 2,800,000 Total Impressions
  • $764,000 Total Media Value Equivalency
  • 38% Share of Voice (Highest amongst competitors)

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