The city of Nashville, Tenn. and the Country Music Association (CMA) recently wrapped up the biggest country music festival of the year. CMA Music Fest 2010 was last week, June 10-13, and I had the absolute pleasure to attend (thanks, Dittoe PR, for being the best place to work in Indy & allowing me to go!).

This year however, CMA Music Fest was not just about the gathering of 65,000 music lovers across the nation, this time it meant more.

Just six short weeks ago Nashville was under water, experiencing the worst flood the city has ever seen. It ruined restaurants, businesses, music venues, and devastated entire neighborhoods. Many people lost everything they had. Even country music stars such as Brad Paisley lost much of their touring equipment being stored in a warehouse. Many feared they would have to cancel CMA Fest.

But last week, you wouldn’t know the city was once underneath 10 feet of water. Nashville was alive. Being a frequent visitor to the city, and having once lived there for several months, it had more energy last week than I’ve ever experienced it before. Nashville’s southern charm & friendly people welcomed the thousands of visitors gathering to enjoy themselves in the Music City. Although the city and its people have begun the recovery & rebuilding process of their own homes and businesses, they rebuilt Nashville’s core first: their strength in music, entertainment and southern hospitality.

It was a true experience of a lifetime – who doesn’t love seeing 30+ of your favorite musicians/singers in 4 days? Right on, y’all!

View of downtown Nashville, May 4, 2010. Source: Tennessean

Downtown Nashville, post-flood, June 12, 2010.