Since graduating Indiana University in May, I have been sad, happy, relieved and excited. The one thing I haven’t been is bored. My summer started off with an internship in Web marketing, which taught me, among other things, that I enjoy writing Web content and product descriptions. It also helped me decide that a career in Web marketing is not for me. Additionally, I have waited tables, worked as a private investigator and recently have begun working public relations as an intern at Dittoe PR.

So, what lead me to public relations? I majored in English at Indiana University with a concentration in public and professional writing. The four years I spent at IU really solidified my passion for writing. However, I quickly learned that writing research papers was not what I wanted to do for a living. I loved the research, but I wanted my writing to really DO something. What did I want it to do? I wasn’t sure.

Throughout my college career, I was given very specific pieces of writing to complete. The end goal was always the same; please the professor teaching the course and receive an “A”. After graduation, I had the freedom to find a place that suited what I could do professionally with what I wanted to do creatively.

Since arriving at Dittoe PR, I have been learning. I’ve learned not only about how a PR firm operates, but a lot about myself, too. I knew that it would be challenging considering this is a highly sought after internship at one of the best PR agencies in Indianapolis. What I didn’t know is that I would love being this busy, or receive such great advice from the talented account executives on staff.

As I have been dipping my feet into the water at various places, I have learned one thing: the water that is public relations feels just right, and I’m ready to jump in head first!

Note: Ashley Jackson (a.k.a. “AJ”) is Dittoe PR’s Fall intern.