I can honestly say that after only being at Dittoe PR for a few weeks, I have learned more from the incredibly bright PR people here than in any class or internship setting. The work atmosphere and PR knowledge at Dittoe is refreshing. Employees work around the clock to show clients and the industry that we are truly leaders in the PR realm. Everyone’s willingness to help one another to gain the greatest outcomes for clients is truly admirable. I am confident my strengths in traditional and social PR tactics will be put to good use here at Dittoe, even if my journey to get here took a little longer than expected…

Two weeks after graduating from Indiana University, I moved to Dallas, Tex., to take on a public relations internship with a top-tier PR firm. Keep in mind, I’m a born-and-raised Midwestern gal who went to college in her hometown, so moving to Dallas was a great way to experience being on my own, grow in myself and learn to love a new city. Leaving my family and comfort zone was an incredibly tearful time, but I am proud of myself for taking on a new city in which I had never even visited, in addition to only knowing one person. Living by myself in an artsy district of Dallas varied drastically from living in a sorority house with 120 girls on IU’s campus.

I welcomed the new atmosphere, and my internship pushed me to delve deeper into PR tactics and required me to learn the ropes and better myself as a PR guru in hopes of landing a full-time position in the future. Upon moving home from Dallas, I had hopes of landing a job in Chicago to join friends and family already living in the city. I wanted to utilize my journalism and communication degrees, and I knew had a lot to offer a firm. My job search was somewhat discouraging until I decided to reach out to Dittoe PR in Indianapolis. Their reputation for strong media relations and social media skills was something I was looking for in a firm. Little did I know that the DPR team consists of people with sharp PR backgrounds and Indiana hospitality.

One thing led to another and here I am as Dittoe’s newest team member. I am positive I will continue to grow in my creativity, writing capabilities, teamwork skills and independence as a young PR professional. I love PR because it allows me to be an outgoing, positive advocate for someone or something. I pride myself on always having a smile on my face and letting my light shine in any environment!

My faith and persistence led me to this incredible role at Dittoe and I know it will be full of challenges and thrills. Although I’ll never get back those special moments at home, I’m now more thankful than ever that I was able to have cherished time with my family while waiting out for the best job opportunity here at Dittoe PR. I know this is where I’m supposed to be!