Renaissance woman…Jack of all trades…Intern. In my book, they’re all the same. Perhaps the most poignant lesson I learned (very early on) in regards to my internship and completing it successfully, was that you have to be prepared to do almost anything.

That’s the beauty, and sometimes the struggle I suppose, of interns. Their purpose is to be on call to help out anyone in the office that needs assistance, whenever they need it, and that means a very wide variety of projects and assignments to keep you busy throughout the day. Personally, I’ve found that I work best under the pressure of a deadline and thrive most in an atmosphere of differentiated work and situations. Needless to say, this made the role as an intern at Dittoe PR a perfect fit for me.

The projects to which I was assigned varied greatly and changed every single day. From writing blog posts, creating press lists, making PDF’s of coverage, to refilling the diet soda supply and organizing the break room; moments of boredom or lack of work were not something I faced.

So, what will I take away from this experience over the last 2 months and 3 weeks? To put it briefly, a lot. Just from observing the people around me and seeing how they go about their days, I have learned a momentous amount. For instance, how to communicate with both clients and the media, organize and plan meetings and events, effectively make use of social media, and in general how to balance all of the many aspects that go into being a public relations professional.

This job has taught me so many useful things that will undoubtedly serve me well in any future endeavors. Here is a list of what I believe are the top 5 most important things I’ve learned (which can also serve as advice for any future interns to follow):

  1. Prioritizing is key—always know what your most important assignments are and know how to differentiate those from projects that can wait
  2. Organization can make ALL the difference—whether creating folders to separate your emails appropriately or just keeping your desk tidy, being organized always helps
  3. Utilize your colleagues—if you have a question, ask it. There’s so much knowledge to be found in the people around you and you should always use that to your benefit
  4. Following-up is essential—a lack of response is not an answer and you should always reach out to people more than once
  5. Any type of coverage makes a difference and no job is too small—the very slightest efforts can make a huge difference and you should always treat every project as equally important

Now as the clock winds down and I realize more and more that this blog post is my final assignment here at Dittoe, it’s hard to believe that I really am leaving! I’m sad to say goodbye to this job and all of the amazing people I’ve come to know and now call my friends, I’ll miss you all!

Love always,


(a.k.a. Laura Lauth)

Note: Laura Lauth is attending the University of Miami’s Law School this Fall. Dittoe PR loved having her as part of the team and she will be missed. Here’s a pic of her last full day.  We celebrated her new beginning as a law student with a pinata.  “Welcome to Miami. Buenvenidos a Miami.”