With the endless amounts of press lists, news releases, events, recurring projects, and more, your job as a PR professional can quickly become overwhelming. Keeping track of all your activities can be tough, and you need the appropriate tools to help you manage your ever-growing task list.

One tool that needs to be a part of your arsenal is a project management system, and it needs to have the following capabilities in order to be effective for your organization:

  • Efficient and easy project management
  • Project progression tracking
  • Prioritization
  • Collaboration
  • Full calendar view of every project, client and task

While there are many viable project management solutions on the market, Brightpod is a great fit for the creative, organized, and collaborative team—especially for PR professionals.

Here are five Brightpod features every PR professional will appreciate:

  1. Calendar management.

With Brightpod’s calendar management system, each time an event, project, or task is added or edited, they’re also added to a shared calendar in the application. Deadlines can be prioritized on the calendar in seconds with a drag and drop functionality, and frequent reminders are sent through email, preventing you from ever missing another deadline.

  1. Kanban flow method.

Brightpod utilizes a task process called Kanban to create a simple yet effective way of organizing tasks up to completion. The Kanban flow method consists of a big board on the wall with sticky notes placed in columns. Brightpod has replicated the method digitally in their project management software. Most project management tools can be very simplistic, but this tool provides you with a framework for success, allowing you to track projects and tasks through the beginning stages to completion. The screenshot below is one example of how Kanban is used:

Brightpod screenshot

  1. Effective task management.

Recurring tasks are inevitable in this industry. Brightpod designed a simple “recurring” function that notifies the assigned team members when the task is due and how often.

This specific platform gives you the ability to organize, design and label tasks to fit your company, clients and team. The drag and drop functionality makes it easy to prioritize and delegate tasks.

  1. Easy communication with your team.

An article by Inc. Magazine indicates, on average, workers spend 25 percent of the workday reading and responding to emails. Communication is vital for a successful PR team, but so is using time wisely.

Brightpod provides teams with ways to quickly and easily communicate, such as messaging, commenting on tasks and sending other team members completion notices. The features ultimate help teams save time and reduce the amount of emails that need to be sent during the day.

  1. Try it for free.

A car is tested prior to purchase, correct? If given the opportunity, be sure to test project management software before committing to a purchase. Brightpod offers a 14-day free trial so you can see if it works for your organization. They’re so confident it will, they don’t even ask for your credit card.


Since the company opened in 2013, almost 5,500 teams have started using their software. Although they target a variety of industries, Brightpod can be the project management system you need to manage your PR clients effectively. Visit www.Brightpod.com to learn more.