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Best Tips for Staying Organized (Quarantine or No Quarantine)

It’s safe to say that most of our lives have been turned upside-down the last few weeks. Our office is well into our fifth week working from home and it’s definitely been an adjustment. Before COVID-19, we had the option of working from home one day a week that gave little interruption to our day-to-day workflow. But now – just like millions of other Americans – we’ve had to adjust to this new normal of working from home for the foreseeable future. But this blog isn’t about working from home – rather, it’s about how to still stay organized in your ...

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Valuable PR lessons I learned from watching “The Office”

Cover image via Bustle. I’m proud to say that I’ve watched the entire series of “The Office” four or five times and consider myself a true fan. I’m sure there are a few of you reading this and getting competitive saying, “Ha, but I’ve watched it SIX times!” There’s no denying that we’re an office who loves “The Office” (this isn’t the first time we’ve written about it). And while most of us are still cramming in one last Netflix binge of the series before it leaves the platform in 2021, it’s safe to say that the sitcom has made an ...

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Four reasons why your company needs PR

“Thank You for Smoking.” “The West Wing.” “Wag the Dog.” These are all movies and TV shows that revolve around public relations. Now, if you notice, most of these involve some sort of crisis or needed “spin.” Flashback to more than a decade ago, and there was a slight stigma surrounding public relations. Often times PR was viewed as just “putting out fires” and only used when there was an emergency. While we still help with crisis communications, utilizing a PR agency can provide great value for your company in many other ways.  It can increase your brand’s credibility. One of ...

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Four Tips for Writing Award Nominations That Win

“And the award goes to…” This phrase has been engraved in my mind since I was a kid and first watched the Academy Awards. I dreamt about being a movie star someday, or even a singer, and receiving what I thought was the highest recognition anyone could ever receive. However, here I am, 20-some years later, working in public relations and writing this blog post about those dreams.While I may never win an Oscar or a Grammy, I do get to help craft meaningful award submissions on behalf of my clients. In fact, I typically draft at least one award nomination ...

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Public Relations vs. Marketing – What’s the Difference?

There are a lot of blurred lines when it comes to public relations and marketing. They intertwine so seamlessly that it can be easy to mistake one for the other. Often times when I tell others I work in PR, they’ll usually respond with something along the lines of “oh, so like, you do marketing?” This is usually when I take a deep breath and go into a “well…” explanation. When I was first deciding on what career path I wanted to take in college, all I knew was that I would have to end up taking business classes if I ...

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