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Becoming A Contributor to Provide Credibility

At its core, strategy drives public relations. So when it comes to finding unique and relevant ways to leverage clients as thought leaders in their respective industries, many PR professionals strategically turn to bylined articles.   What is a bylined article?   A bylined article is authored by a third-party expert and published by a media outlet. These contributed pieces play a critical role in positioning individuals as thought leaders in their respective industries. Though seemingly unique, bylined articles are actually fairly common.   These articles take on a passive tone, so it is important they are not overly-promotional. Authors must [...]

5 Ways to Make Your Emails Stand Out

Whether you’re looking to differentiate an email marketing campaign or pitch a story idea to a reporter, distinction is key. The average worker receives 122 emails per day, so it’s no wonder some emails go unopened. While there is no guaranteed formula to ensure your emails will be read, there are a few techniques to boost your open rates. Here are five tips to make your emails stand out among the rest:   Personalize, personalize, personalize! What is one surefire way to catch a person’s eye? Their own name, of course! A great way to warrant a successful email is to [...]

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