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You Can’t Outsource Public Relations

There’s no such thing as outsourcing PR. If your business decided to wash its hands of everything related to PR in favor of the external counsel provided by an agency, then you’re probably getting little more in return than a handful of Mad Lib-style press releases replete with industry jargon and corporate buzzwords (i.e. revolutionary, innovative, synergy, etc.). Clients pay the PR agency for the benefit of that agency’s experience, ability to “get ink” and aptitude for cultivating mutually beneficial relationships. But that doesn’t mean that clients can simply hand the agency the keys to the car and say, “we’ll see you [...]

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Your AP Style Just Got SEOwned

Whenever you enter into a conversation about which skill is more important—writing for SEO or adhering to AP style—the debate always finds a way to take a volatile turn. Rather than discussing the merits and benefits of each skill, the conversation quickly dissolves into overly simplified and poorly constructed arguments. It becomes new school vs. old school. Writing like robots vs. writing like decrepit copy editors. But why do so many people consider the two techniques mutually exclusive? AP style was created to provide a comprehensible standard for writing in the print news medium which gave a diverse audience of readers a [...]

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Don’t Let Your Client Get in the Way of the Story

Your curser is hovering above the ‘Send’ button. You’ve checked your spelling, grammar—everything seems perfect. But take one more second before sending that next pitch and ask yourself: “what am I pitching; my client or a story?” It may seem like a silly question but there is a difference between the two. A story is something that conveys information, ideas, emotion, and context in an original and engaging manner. Your client, on the other hand—whether it’s a small startup, international corporation or nonprofit—is merely a provider of a product, service or idea. By itself, a company does not provide context or [...]

Public Relations: Chock-Full of Arbitrary Job Titles

A few days ago I went to the doctor for a routine check-up. As I sat uneasily on that thin, crinkly paper that’s tasked with protecting me from wayward germs, the physician assistant asked me a string of questions about who I was. They were just a routine set of questions about my medical history, my family’s medical history, etc.; but then she asked me about my career. “What do you do for a living?” she asked with her head bent down to her clipboard – absent of any interest. “I work in public relations,” I replied with rivaling indifference. But [...]

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Classic Movies with PR Disasters

Ask any PR pro and they’ll tell you that their career interferes with their personal life. And I’m not talking about the usual things like stress and long hours that people associate with their jobs. No. I’m talking about movies. Ever since I started working in PR, I can’t enjoy movies the way I used to. I scrutinize every character, plot device and event like the movie’s a PR case study of what not to do. Below are two (awesome) movies with plot devices that would’ve caused some massive PR fallout if they took place in reality. The Breakfast Club – [...]

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