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Is Your PR Working? Four Measurements to Consider.

For many companies, there’s no better feeling than seeing positive media coverage about your brand. Not only is it a powerful way to build credibility and raise awareness, but it’s also a great way to further your business objectives. That ...

We’re Hiring!

Hoping to avoid squeezing down into a job cannon? Well, then you're in luck because we're looking for a new Account Executive to join our team here at Dittoe PR. Check out our job description below and contact us if ...

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The dirty secret about online content and shrinking attention spans

Shrinking attention spans and squirrel comparisons have become go-to arguments for why people can no longer be bothered to consume long-form articles or online videos lasting longer than two minutes. But this is a cop out. The real reason why people don’t consume longer forms of media is that most digital publishers don’t want them to.

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