The holiday season is in full swing and as I think about starting my Christmas shopping, I am constantly reminded how important mediums are. And no, I am not just talking sizes.

Communication mediums are absolutely vital to the field of public relations. Newspapers, magazines, radio stations, television networks, blogs and other forms of social media, they all play a role in how we communicate. Similarly to how everyone needs a different size for their festive Christmas sweater, different communication mediums are more appropriate for different messages. And just like the wrong size in our Christmas sweater can be a downer on the holiday spirit, using an unfit communication medium for our client would be even more devastating to the message we are trying to send.

Here at Dittoe PR we wear our Christmas sweaters with pride (and in a size appropriate for ourselves), much like how we work hard every day to ensure we utilize all appropriate communication mediums for our clients and gain the news coverage they want and need.

So while you’re out there doing your holiday shopping for others (or let’s face it, for yourself), don’t forget about mediums.  They are the backbone to communication in public relations. Oh, and Happy Holidays!