“Time is money.” –Benjamin FranklinBelieve it or not, Benjamin Franklin wrote this now cliche phrase. There’s no doubt that Franklin was a smart man, and his point that it’s important to work faster and more efficiently rings true today just as it did 200 years ago.

You can’t buy time. To better serve your clients and get the most out of each day, here are eight simple ways that PR pros can save more time.

  1. Extend login time on Cision — CisionPoint is a great resource, but it automatically logs you out after 15 minutes if you’re not actively using.  Then you have to go to the main CisionPoint page, type in the customer ID number, username and password, and then wait for the all the saved tabs to load.  Logging in and out of Cision enough times can really add up! You can e-mail Cision support at support.us@cision.com and ask them to stay logged into Cision for an extended period. The maximum time you can stay logged in is eight hours, giving you plenty of time to look up that e-mail address real quick and get back to whatever it is you’re working on.
  2. Write a ‘to do’ list — Writing a “to do” lists of tasks makes you focus specifically on your goals of things accomplish. In my opinion, actually writing a list with pen and paper is vastly superior to anything electronic. Writing allows for more flexibility and the ability to add quick notes. To say organized, simply cross the task off the list when it’s done, and put stars next to tasks that are important and you need to work a little bit on each day.
  3. Schedule tweets in advance — Scheduling tweets allows you to tweet whenever it’s most convenient—without interrupting your daily routine.   A lot of time management comes down to focusing on one task and avoiding distractions. Scheduling tweets can help avoid interruptions.
  4. Keep everything you need within arm’s reach — Having to move your chair or stand up to get something takes time. Pretend you’re watching TV. You wouldn’t keep the remote at opposite end of the room, would you?
  5. Create separate folders for e-mails —  It’s easy for your Outlook to fill up quickly. Creating separate folders allows you to quickly find that important e-mail from three weeks ago. It’s also possible to assign a color for a topic. That way you can quickly scroll through your e-mails and determine which ones pertain to the subject matter.
  6. Use a whiteboard to write quick notes — The whiteboard is a phenomenal tool for writing quick notes. Bonus points if you can draw on it like the UPS Whiteboard Guy.
  7. Get extra shipping labels — If you’re planning to ship multiple products over time, it helps to bring some labels back to the office to fill out in advance.  Not only can you fill out the labels at your convenience, but you’ll save  time  for the people in line at the store waiting behind you.
  8. Use keyboard shortcuts — These are the four essential ones for PC.  a. CTRL+C: Copy    b.CTRL+X: Cut    c. CTRL+V: Paste   d. ALT+TAB: Switch to another running program    (Paste special is also worth noting because it allows you to copy and paste to another document when the formatting is different. Using this feature will keep text aligned in most cases.)
Using these eight simple tips can save you a few minutes each day.  You don’t want to rush through tasks like you’re in the pit crew at the Indianapolis 500, but working efficiently will make you more productive.Consider this quote about time.
“Time is an equal opportunity employer.  Each human being has exactly the same number of hours and minutes every day.  Rich people can’t buy more hours.  Scientists can’t invent new minutes.  And you can’t save time to spend it on another day.” –Denis Waitley