Sophie Maccagnone

Account Executive

Sophie’s strong play-making mentality originally lead her to dream of becoming the next Mia Hamm, but after developing a passion for unique storytelling and an articulate eye for graphic design, her career path quickly evolved from soccer pro to PR pro.


As a former collegiate athlete, Sophie is well-versed in juggling endless tasks at a time and understands it takes more than just hard work to get the job done… it takes creativity. Not only does she secure media coverage with her eye-catching pitches, but she utilizes her playmaker mentality to identify the best tactics that lead companies to success.


Most notably, Sophie consistently secures local coverage for clients, including FOX59, Inside Indiana Business, WISH-TV, WRTV-TV, WTHR and more. Whether it’s composing precise press releases or crafting eloquent designs – when the clock is ticking and you’re needing results, Sophie is the player you want on your team.


Recruited from Detroit, Sophie attended Butler University where she graduated with a B.A. in Strategic Communication and a Big East championship. Just like most former athletes, Sophie isn’t ready to give up on soccer. So, after hours you can find her coaching youth soccer or reliving her glory days by competing in adult leagues. Outside of the sport, Sophie is just a husky-loving, “Chopped”-binging, Midwestern girl that will always choose tacos over pizza.


Blogs written by Sophie:

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