Haley Williams

Account Executive


If small but mighty could be personified, it would come out looking a lot like Haley. Though short in stature, she has never met a PR challenge she couldn’t face. Whether its public relations, social media, digital marketing, or communications, Haley thrives off finding the best ways to tell the right stories at the right time. Add in some pop culture references with a few sarcastic comments and you have the recipe for success.
Born and raised in Indiana, Haley graduated from Ball State University with a B.S. in Public Relations and a minor in Theatre Studies. From there, she’s taken her talents across Indy (and beyond) in various PR and marketing roles. After being snatched up by Dittoe PR, she lands with a hefty portfolio and a desire to grow it even more. Haley’s previous client work ranges from the national media level with coverage for the Indianapolis 500 to local-level PR about helping dogs paw-paint (yes, really). Haley is currently pursuing her MBA and hopes to develop even more skills that take her work to the next level.
When she’s not changing the PR game, Haley can be found cramming far too many activities into her personal life. She is a lifelong Harry Potter diehard, an avid sports fan, an intense live music devotee, a superhero aficionado, and a little too obsessed with her book club. She enjoys her DVR, far too much Mexican food, a semi-healthy lifestyle, and being a cat mom to Nymphadora Tonks and Natasha Romanoff.

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