Eric Kokonas

Vice President of Strategy

eric_7885A grade school teacher once told Eric’s parents that he “tends to socialize in class.” Today, Eric professionally socializes. (How you like me now?!)

When Eric isn’t writing his website bio, he can be found thinking outside the box—or mulling over the countless other worn out clichés used to describe one’s perceived creativity. He also enjoys sarcasm.

With degrees in English Literature and Public Relations & Advertising from Butler University, Eric’s background gives him a sophisticated understanding of how to develop successful public relations strategies; but his real passion comes from applying that knowledge to tell his clients’ stories.

Eric considers it a personal point of pride that he pitches stories—not clients. His clients just happen to be the main characters of stories. This philosophy has enabled him to secure client stories in top media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Forbes, USA Today, MSNBC,  BusinessWeek, Mashable, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, WIRED, Advertising Age, and more.

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