Becca DuPont

Junior Account Executive

Becca DuPontSince the age of twelve, Becca knew she wanted a career that dealt with writing. After crafting countless stories for her school newspaper, getting in trouble for talking too much and consistently getting the scoop throughout her primary and secondary school days, she finally decided to narrow her focus by pursuing a career in public relations.

Becca started her career at Dittoe as a quirky and zealous intern. By eliminating phrases like “no” and “I can’t do that,” she was able to secure media coverage in outlets such as the Washington Post and the Boston Globe during the early stages of her internship. With her ability to learn new tasks quickly, apparent hunger for the industry and sparkling personality, the Dittoe team couldn’t let this emerging PR pro go.

Becca, a proud homegrown Hoosier, graduated from Indiana University with a degree in journalism and specializations in public relations and news reporting and writing. When she isn’t spitting mad PR game, you can find her reading a new novel while simultaneously baking a recipe she recently found online and watching her Hoosiers, Fighting Irish and Chicago Bears (hopefully) dominate the sporting world.

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