TechPoint Launches Indiana’s Measured Marketing Initiative

Today, TechPoint, with the support from the IEDC, announced Indiana’s Measured Marketing Initiative, a national media relations campaign to position Indiana as the leader of a fast-growing, emerging technology business category that TechPoint has coined as “measured marketing.” The goal for this initiative is to raise awareness, generate customers for existing businesses and attract companies to create jobs and investments in Indiana.

There are more than 70 measured marketing companies in the state of Indiana. Measured marketing companies provide a platform or service for digital marketing via email, social media, search, video, mobile and other rapidly evolving technologies, and they provide clients with return-on-investment tracking.

With its technology-related tax credits and exemptions, access to major research universities, and very reasonable costs of living, Indiana has been a great home to Dittoe Public Relations, and we are excited to see more companies do business in Indiana!

For more information on Indiana’s Measured Marketing Initiative, please go

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