Dittoe Public Relations Elects Two New Partners

Dittoe Public Relations, Indianapolis’ premier PR agency, proudly announces the addition of two new partners. Lauren Sanders and Megan Lawler join Chris and Liza Dittoe as equity partners in the rapidly growing firm.

“Lauren Sanders and Megan Lawler have made significant contributions to our firm and our clients,” said Chris Dittoe, president and co-founder of Dittoe Public Relations. “It is a privilege to announce their elevation to partnership. Over the years, they have demonstrated the leadership skills, work ethic and passion that have made them an indispensible part of our team.”

Lauren Sanders has worked for Dittoe PR for six years and serves as vice president of account services. Sanders is known for her role in the success of several of Dittoe PR’s largest high-tech accounts, including ExactTarget, Klipsch and ChaCha, among others. Her ability to find unique story angles has landed clients priceless attention in national media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal and The Today Show. Her determination and skill is evident in the countless times she’s turned clients’ projects into national news.

Megan Lawler serves as vice president and has been with Dittoe PR for four years. Having worked on some of Dittoe PR’s largest accounts, including Zotec Partners, Lucas Oil Stadium and Senario, LLC, she understands the importance of personalization and has established priceless relationships with both the media and her clients. Her relentless dedication leads her to secure countless pieces of media coverage in a wide range of prestigious outlets.

As newly appointed partners, Sanders and Lawler will be directly involved in the overall strategy and direction of the agency, as well as oversee the company’s internal operations and employee relations.  Both women are dedicated to their roles in the agency and will continue account work on a daily basis.

Dittoe Public Relations maintains its standing as one of the top PR firms in Indianapolis and continues to grow its diverse roster of clients.  For more information on Dittoe PR, please visit dittoepr.com.

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