Battle Bands Event at Castleton

A new, one-of-its-kind game for kids, Battle Bands, combines a quick-playing, easy to learn game with collectible wristbands! And, to celebrate the launch of the game, kids ages 6 to 13 are invited to play in the ultimate Battle Bands tournament from 1 to 5 p.m. on Saturday, October 9 outside of Macy’s in Castleton Square Mall. They’ll enjoy a few hours of game play and even have a chance to win $100 and a Senario Toy Prize Pack.  All ages are encouraged to come and watch the event.

With Battle Bands, kids can have a blast collecting hundreds of different bands in various shapes including dragons, sharks and monsters, and each comes with a matching trading card. The game play occurs when players battle their bands against each other on the battle mat gaming piece. Each player takes turns launching their “team” of bands at the mat. Winners of each battle are determined based on where the bands land on the mat and the “strength” of each character.

It’s FREE and EASY to play in the tournament. All you have to do is register for the October 9th event by visiting Registration is also open on the day of the event from 10 a.m. to noon. And, if you want to start practicing early, head on over to the Inside Scoop in Castleton Square where Battle Bands are exclusively being sold!

**Be aware that game play is limited to the first 32 kids per age group to register!!

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