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Social Media Analytics Tools: 9 Recommendations from Social Media Today



Techopedia defines SMA as “the approach of collecting data from social media sites and blogs and evaluating that data to make business decisions.” In short, SMA tools are designed to help analyze and improve overall social performance. It’s no secret that these tools are crucial within social business organizations.


Social Media Today is a premier resource in the social media world, and they’ve written about nine solid SMA tool recommendations we wanted to share with our audience. There are a variety of options provided to make the decision-making and research process easier for you. The list isn’t in any particular order and, best of all, every tool listed is free:


  1. Followerwonk
  2. Buffer
  3. SumAll
  4. Quintly
  5. Cyfe
  6. Keyhole
  7. Klout
  8. ViralWoot
  9. Addictomatic


You can find more information on each of the above tools in Social Media Today’s blog post, “9 of the Best Free Social Media Analytics Tools.” Be sure to take a look at the post for a visual example of each tool, too!


These days, it’s not just enough to have a presence on social media. It’s about making that presence on social media count. Let us put together a custom social strategy for your business. Request a Consultation with Dittoe today.

How to Choose the Right Social Networks For Your Brand

Even though many companies use social media to promote their brand, there is still some doubt surrounding its viability. Am I seeing results from social media? Are we actually engaging with prospects? Why are we spending so much time on these networks?

These concerns are common, and some people will always be wary of social media. However, Forbes recently reported that the rising fad is here to stay and “the longer you wait, the more you have to lose.” Here’s a list of potential benefits your business could realize by using social media marketing:

  • Social MediaIncreased brand recognition
  • Improved brand loyalty
  • More opportunities to convert
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Higher brand authority
  • Increased inbound traffic
  • Decreased marketing costs
  • Better search engine rankings
  • Richer customer experiences
  • Improved customer insights

However, to use social media successfully, your brand must first understand how to use it, when to use it, and what platforms to use.

Companies should first align with their target market and choose networks accordingly. According to Buffer, a social media sharing software, it’s okay to be picky about which social networks your brand monitors. Some companies benefit from sharing more visuals while others may be better off sharing more textual or auditory updates. It all depends on the brand and its viewership.

Following are the most popular social networks and some tips for how to choose which ones will benefit your brand.



With the highest amount of users and engagement, Facebook can be used to reach a very large network. However, Facebook is often used for socializing which could make it difficult to reach the desired audience. In order to target potential prospects, business pages need to be regularly updated with informational and interesting content for their target audience. If your company wants to advertise and reach a larger and more social crowd, create a Facebook page.



Twitter has become a place to give and receive timely information. This network also allows businesses to carefully listen to their audience and respond when needed. For example, if a customer isn’t satisfied and they tweet the issue, it gives the business an opportunity to publicly respond and fix the problem, which provides a sense of trust and accountability. If your company likes to keep your audience educated and engaged, you should be active on Twitter.



LinkedIn is the social network for business professionals and is known for being a bit more serious. A LinkedIn account is ideal if your business is looking to provide industry-specific information, build relationships, and find new connections. It’s also a great place to find useful resources. To connect with other businesses or individuals, set up a LinkedIn company page.



Instagram is a photo-sharing network, primarily used on mobile devices. This network currently has a much younger crowd, but it’s continuing to gain popularity in business world. If your business would benefit from sharing photos and images, Instagram is an easy and entertaining way to communicate to your target audience.



On Google+, you can upload and share pictures, videos, links, and even host video conferences. It also provides some search engine benefits. Your business can engage niche groups on this platform, providing unique, specialized value to your target market.


Bonus option: Blogging

While blogging isn’t exactly a social network, it is still a social platform. A social network is where people strictly go to socialize, like the options listed above. However, conversations are started on blogs and can create social benefits for your business as well. Consider encouraging comments on your blog posts or integrating Disqus so your blog can become a social hub as well.


Here at Dittoe Public Relations, we believe it’s not enough to just have a presence on social media—it’s about making that presence count. Contact us if you have any further questions or need assistance with managing  your company’s social sites.

Welcoming B Spot Burgers to Indianapolis

Burgers, bologna, brats, bourbon and beer. What more could you ask for? Award-winning chef Michael Symon is now offering all of his favorite “B’s” to Indy with his restaurant chain, B Spot Burgers.

The new burger eatery is located at Ironworks at Keystone (2727 E. 86th St.), one of Indianapolis’ premier living and retail properties. With seven other locations throughout Ohio and Michigan, the Indy spot marks the celebrity chef’s eighth home for the burger joint. This is the first to the Hoosier state.

How Dittoe PR assisted in the B Spot opening

In preparation for the B Spot opening, Dittoe PR took the lead on securing all existing coverage to date, coordinated interview prep and handled all local outreach.

We began teasing to local Indianapolis and regional Indiana media back in April. We then worked to coordinate the grand opening throughout the months of May and June. And after setting the opening date we were able to follow up to media.

We primarily focused on getting coverage from major Indy outlets (IBJ, Indy Star, Indy Monthly) as well as top-tier local bloggers. We also pitched TV cooking segments, Q&As with Michael Symon, and local TV segments.

Our PR efforts were quite a success. Check out the list of coverage below for more information on B Spot Burgers:

Indy Star:IMG_2779

Indy Monthly:

Also featured in another Indy Monthly Eat Sheet:

Indianapolis Business Journal:

Indianapolis Recorder:

Go get yourself a burger!

B Spot is now open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. Hours of operation are Monday through Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Fridays and Saturdays from 11:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.; and Sundays from 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.