Dittoe PR Helps Delivra Expand its Horizons

In 1999 Neil Berman set out on an email adventure with one goal in mind: to build a company that would always put the customer first through personal connections. He did just that when he founded Indianapolis-based Delivra, an email marketing service provider and strategic consultancy. In 2015, Berman expanded on his goal to reach new places and customers.

Lying roughly 125 miles north of Delivra’s Indianapolis headquarters, a goldmine for the email marketing industry was waiting to be tapped in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Through research, Fort Wayne was identified as the ideal market for Delivra. With its prominent industries of retail, hospitality and business services – the city aligned directly with Delivra’s expertise and services. For Delivra, the email marketing marketplace of Fort Wayne was projected to be worth nearly $12 million.

This is where Dittoe Public Relations began its role in Delivra’s journey. In March, Delivra began working with our firm to create buzz and excitement for the company’s expansion into Fort Wayne through content creation, media relations and event planning and promotion.

With content creation and media relations efforts for Fort Wayne commencing in April, the Dittoe PR team was able to obtain media coverage that resulted in approximately 1.1 million media impressions by mid-June.

Delivra hosted 112 guests at its Fort Wayne launch event in June, where they showed their commitment to the community by gifting 26 community organizations free software totaling $125,000 via the “Delivra Gives Back” program.

Our team was also able to solidify an official sponsorship with Greater Fort Wayne for launch event promotion to its vast investor network.

We could not have had a better time supporting and working with Delivra as they launched into a completely new territory, so it is with pleasure that Dittoe Public Relations continues this journey with Delivra as they began their second expansion initiative into Louisville, Kentucky. For more on Delivra’s next phase of expansion, be sure to read this story we secured in Louisville’s Courier-Journal.

Referring to Louisville as a “sweet spot” to reach potential clients, Berman and Delivra’s decision to place the company’s second satellite office in Louisville was to put “the customer-facing where the customers are.” Berman provides more insights on the appeal of the market in this Louisville Business First article.

In 1999, Neil Berman set out to on an entrepreneurial adventure. In 1999, Chris and Liza Dittoe started a small public relations business operating out of their basement. In 2015 both companies are thriving and expanding, and our teams could not be more thrilled!

Dittoe PR Gives Thanks

Before the Dittoe PR crew enters into a four-day food coma over the Thanksgiving holiday, we wanted to be sure to highlight the many things we’re thankful for this year.  There are several tools and resources out there that make our job easier and all the more fun. Here are just a few:
  1. Social Media – It’s safe to say that social media is one of the newer additions to the day-to-day tasks of a PR pro. As we continue to utilize the power of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs and the like, we’re now able to make a name for our clients and agency in an entirely new space and share content with an entirely new audience.
  2. Technology – Our job doesn’t start at 8 a.m. and end at 5 p.m. Instead, when you work in PR, you are at work when your clients need you.  Thanks to smartphones, laptops, etc., PR pros are always accessible and able to nail down front-page stories from just about anywhere.
  3. Media databases – Talk about a lifesaver. Subscription-based media databases are the butter to our bread. With endless media contacts at our fingertips, we are truly unstoppable and capable of landing awesome coverage across all forms of media.
  4. Internet – Yes, it seems obvious, but let’s just take a second to think about how it positively impacts the work we do. Thanks to the internet, we are able to do our research and stay informed on all our clients’ industries, among the million other things. Oh internet, how we love you!
  5. Each other – Let’s face it. We work day in and day out to come up with creative and engaging ideas, whether it be for pitches, press releases, etc.  Sometimes, the creative juices just stop flowing – especially if you’re caffeine deprived. That’s why all PR pros should take a minute to thank their co-workers. I know when I’m banging my head against a brick wall, mine are always there, willing and ready to offer up all their fresh ideas.
Happy Thanksgiving to all from everyone here at Dittoe PR!

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